Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have you heard of CHINGO BLING?

Well, I hadn't until today.

Gerardo started singing something to the effect of, "I'm running, I'm running, from Immigration.... tryin' to get us deportated..." (Yes, not deported, deportATed). So first I laugh (probably inappropriately), then I ask what is this funny stuff of which you sing.

So here's a link, that you should listen to.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 12

A few of my favorite pics from the trip (well, of the ones from my camera):

On the airport train. Mind you, Laura is well-rested, and Wes is starting to wane.
From the Ferry dock in Fajardo. Beginning of beauty.

Laura would be happy to introduce you to one of our many friends -- sick roosters.

I found a favorite place. I'm simply a sucker for big sitting rocks with waves.My favorite building on Culebra. Loved it. I think it is just a barn, but it is yellow and green and red! No, Weston, this isn't necessarily my entry into the competition. It's just one of the sweet pics of the tank on Flamenco Beach.
Morning on the ferry back to the main island. Perfect.
What a dry, good-lookin' crew. We were wet the rest of this day. Oh, the rainforest.
My favorite camera angle of the El Yunque Rainforest.Highly recommended tour of the Bacardi factory. With two free drinks per participant (or 3, if you don't give the guy your ticket, Weston!)

Wes thought he was being so funny with this picture, but I almost like it.

At the fort, El Morro, after our tour guide talked about "Cross Fire." I realize this picture doesn't make sense or show the beautiful scenary, but I absolutely love it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cool Huh?

I made these for that Gift and Tell for the previously mentioned Friend weekend. I love how they turned out after I framed them.

February Friend Fest 2009

Last weekend I spent my 25th birthday with some of my favorite friends. Every year (at least for the past three) my college girl friends and I have a weekend getaway together. Years one and two were spent at lake houses of other generous friends. This year, however, we spent the weekend at Sarah's new home in Little Rock.

This year we tried some organized activities, so we could say that we did more than "just sit around and talk all weekend long." Besides the five A-mazing meals, we had a great Gift and Tell Friday night. I came home with four fun gifts, including play-doh, dominoes, clock and timer!

Saturday, after much sitting, eating, and talking we went out for our pseudo-photo shot. Very outside the personality of our group, but fun nonetheless. Here's my fav:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Soccer and Vocabulary

Consecutive happens to be an especially difficult word to pronounce for native Spanish speakers. I had lots of "con-sitive" and "convection" and .... But then again, I can't roll my r's for anything.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Pictures

Whoops! It's been awhile, eh?!

I'm still pretty stinkin' excited about the camera I got for Christmas. Rather than posting on my blog, I've been spending my extra computer time learning the camera and the editing software.

Here are two of my favorite pictures from the last month.

Granted, I didn't take the picture I'm in, but I did finish it with a little editing.

The second is the mandatory picture of the Great Ice Storm of 2009 as so many are calling it. I haven't felt like it's as big a deal as everyone is saying, but I have had power for all but 2 hours of the 72 hour ordeal. That being said we are out of school for day 3 and holding....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Research

On the way to Black Friday crowds, my dad and I were trying to find ways to justify the wheelchair in the back of the car. We had planned this day for weeks, maybe months and we were not about to give up the plan of a fabulous shopping day just because my knee happened to heal faster than expected.

{Originally, I expected to need the wheelchair due to knee surgery, however, I had been walking - with a limp - for several days.}

My dad and I have started shopping the Black Friday sales in the last couple years, mostly for the laughs. People are crazy and we like to witness the craziness. So this year, due to my situation, we borrowed a wheelchair from my parents church, and decided to answer the research question: Are people generally nicer to the wheelchair bound?

I did put the huge leg immobilizer on to make it look a little more legitimate. I did have trouble not laughing multiple times, though, because Dad decided it would be wise to run with me in tow through the parking lot. Also, I felt like a fraud, but...

Anyway, the results: People definitely stare, then quickly avert their eyes, then decide to smile at the wheelchair bound. But the crowds parted like the Red Sea! It was incredible how many "excuse me's" we got. We also got lots of offers for help at Best Buy and even a concerned Best Buy worker asked me what happened. When we went to Lowe's without the wheelchair, no such luck. Busy workers who walked right by us trying to ask for help.

Thus, I highly recommend wheelchair use during holiday shopping.